Crossgrading from Fedora 22 i686 to x86_64

I’ve always upgraded my Fedora laptop incrementally using the recommended tools (yum, preupgrade, fedup). For this reason, my initial decision to install i686 Fedora (back when 32-bit compatibility was important) has carried through, and I’ve always used i686 Fedora, even though the CPU supports x86_64. Recently I wanted to try out Mezzano in a virtual […]

Excorporate 0.6.0: Exchange integration for Emacs

Here is Excorporate version 0.6.0. New in this release: – Support for overriding settings autodiscovery by manually configuring an EWS URL – A check to prevent soap-client conflicts with other packages – Handle autodiscovery case – Support for Exchange 2013 (via the new API addition, exco-server-version) Thanks to everyone who tested autodiscovery on the […]

Think Penguin

I bought a laptop for my Mom for her birthday. She’s a long time GNU/Linux user and she was ready for an upgrade from her ThinkPad T41. I decided to try I’m really impressed with their service and their product. The laptop shipped within a few days, and when it arrived it had […]

True Fullscreen Fit-to-Width Document Viewer

I like to read documents in fullscreen mode using keyboard navigation. I want a viewing mode with the following properties: No scrollbars No navigation toolbars No drop-shadow page borders Fit-to-width display Emacs-style scrolling, maintaining 2 lines of context for continuity To me 1, 2 and probably 3 should be properties of anything claiming to be […]