Think Penguin

I bought a laptop for my Mom for her birthday. She’s a long time GNU/Linux user and she was ready for an upgrade from her ThinkPad T41. I decided to try I’m really impressed with their service and their product.

The laptop shipped within a few days, and when it arrived it had Fedora 17 pre-installed like I had requested. The build quality is very good. It’s a slim light laptop with attractive styling, and a solid keyboard. One of ThinkPenguin’s main selling points is hardware support, and it really was great. Graphics, Wi-Fi, suspend, hibernate, resume all worked perfectly, out-of-the-box, no configuration necessary. It’s fantastic to get this smooth out-of-the-box experience with GNU/Linux instead of a proprietary operating system.

If you care about Free Software and are in the market for a laptop, check out