Read-Evaluate-Print Loops are great for doing quick experiments. I recently released two new REPL packages for Emacs to GNU ELPA. This is the second in a two part series. Here is part 1. For microcontroller projects, uLisp is a great option. It provides a Lisp REPL on top of the Arduino libraries. It implements a […]

Pixel phones are sold with bootloader unlocking disabled

Request to Google: ungrey the “OEM unlocking” toggle in the factory, before shipping store.google.com devices to customers. Do not make your customers connect the device to the Internet before they are allowed to install the operating system they want. My wife had a requirement to use Android1, and she wanted to run GrapheneOS; I experimented […]

Printing an A4 document on US letter paper using Debian

My wife bought a dress pattern on Etsy that she received as a PDF. It was a large pattern that spanned many pages, meant to be trimmed and taped together into a large continuous sheet. The pattern was labelled “A4-letter“, meaning that it should be printable on A4 or letter paper. For accuracy, the pattern […]