Read-Evaluate-Print Loops are great for doing quick experiments. I recently released two new REPL packages for Emacs to GNU ELPA. This is the second in a two part series. Here is part 1. For microcontroller projects, uLisp is a great option. It provides a Lisp REPL on top of the Arduino libraries. It implements a […]

Excorporate 0.6.0: Exchange integration for Emacs

Here is Excorporate version 0.6.0. New in this release: – Support for overriding settings autodiscovery by manually configuring an EWS URL – A check to prevent soap-client conflicts with other packages – Handle user@sub.domain.com/autodiscover.domain.com autodiscovery case – Support for Exchange 2013 (via the new API addition, exco-server-version) Thanks to everyone who tested autodiscovery on the […]