Android Development

A patch I wrote for mobileorg-android was accepted and shipped to the Market in mobileorg-android 0.4.8. It works around lighttpd’s missing support for the Expect HTTP header. The issue was that pulling from lighttpd to the phone would work, but pushing from the phone to lighttpd wouldn’t. To debug the problem I set up an […]

IcedTeaPlugin and Live USB

I’m very happy to see IcedTeaPlugin enabled by default in the Fedora 12 Live USB images. This wasn’t always the case — in the past space-savings arguments were made to exclude java-1.6.0-openjdk and java-1.6.0-openjdk-plugin from Live images. I haven’t found out who’s responsible for the editorial change-of-heart, but to the people who made it happen: […]

OpenJDK and Fedora 10

I’m planning two Fedora Features for OpenJDK in Fedora 10. I’ll write the Wiki pages soon. Improved Multilib Support for JDK Packages The first feature is improved multilib support for Java packages. This will involve fixing the darn persistent rpm scriptlet argument bug and adding multilib support to jpackage-utils and java-1.6.0-openjdk. I already have patches […]

CommunityOne 2008, JavaOne 2008

CommunityOne 2008 Monday, May 5 I thought my CommunityOne talk, The IcedTea Project: Developing OpenJDK for Deployment on GNU/Linux, went pretty well. The audience was small but full of important people 🙂 Martin Buchholz introduced himself after my presentation and we chatted a little about Google’s plans to contribute to OpenJDK. After the talk I […]

LiveConnect support in IcedTea

My FOSDEM talk was on IcedTea and LiveConnect. I’ve been working on a gcjwebplugin rewrite called IcedTeaPlugin on-and-off for the past five months. Whereas gcjwebplugin is a Netscape 4.x plugin, IcedTeaPlugin is an XPCOM plugin that implements OJI — the Open JVM Interface — for LiveConnect support. I showed two demos at FOSDEM, one demo […]