Fedora Core 5

Installation and Setup I installed Fedora Core 5 on my IBM ThinkPad T41 last night. I’ll go through a few minor annoyances before the good news: – NetworkManager wasn’t the default and I couldn’t find a way to enable it through the GUI (not that I should have to explicitly enable it anyway). I ended […]

AWT Progress

gcjappletviewer and gcjwebplugin More and more applets are working with gcjappletviewer and gcjwebplugin. Here’s a screenshot of gcjappletviewer HEAD + GNU Classpath HEAD: and one of gcjwebplugin HEAD + GNU Classpath HEAD: I’m getting through my AWT bug list. My next big chunk of work will be completing the transition to GTK 2.8 and Cairo, […]

GtkImage peer rewrite

Sven de Marothy completely rewrote the image-handling sections of the GTK peers. This was one of the most convoluted areas in the peers and one of the buggiest. Now it is very clear and well-organized. Check out this screenshot: The top is JDK 1.4, centre is Classpath 0.14 and bottom is Classpath HEAD with Sven’s […]

java-gcj-compat status

I submitted my ecj option parsing patch to Eclipse. The patch went into Rawhide’s eclipse-ecj last night, which meant I was able to remove the last option munging stuff from java-gcj-compat. Behold: $ ls -l /usr/lib/jvm/java-gcj/bin jar -> /usr/bin/fastjar java -> /usr/bin/gij javac -> /usr/bin/ecj javadoc -> /usr/bin/gjdoc javah -> /usr/bin/gjnih rmic -> /usr/bin/grmic rmiregistry […]

AWT buffer strategies

I finished GNU Classpath’s BufferStrategy framework tonight: Currently there is only one unaccelerated backend that doesn’t actually do anything, but the framework for adding new backends is in place as well as all the necessary documentation. This patch adds the missing methods that Caolan mentioned in his blog. This is the last GCJ AWT vs. […]